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Oklahoma Department of Commerce - State of Success

Quality Jobs Program

Incentives to qualifying businesses making new payroll investments of $2.5 million or more.

This incentive targets manufacturers and certain service industries that have an annual new payroll investment of $2.5 million or more to receive a quarterly cash payment of up to 5 percent of new taxable payroll. A lower payroll threshold is available for certain food processing and research and development projects, or as a result of locating in targeted areas. Qualifying wage requirements would be the lower of the average county wage or the state index wage. Companies that have 10 percent of their workforce as veterans qualify for a higher 6 percent net benefit rate.

Analysis and Assistance at No Cost

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5% Area Map

In certain counties designated as economically challenged, a 5% net benefit rate automatically applies.

5% Areas

Opportunity Zones Map

Quality Jobs Program minimum wage requirements do not apply to Opportunity Zones.

Opportunity Zones

Enterprise Zones Map

The Investment/New Jobs Tax Credit Package doubles in Enterprise Zones.

Enterprise Zones


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