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Living in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s low cost of living means you can have it all. If a New York resident making $200,000 per year moved to Oklahoma on the same salary, the move would add up to an extra $54,600 in savings. With the new disposable income, you can own a larger home, drive a better car, take a dream vacation and beef up your investment portfolios.

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Come See for Yourself

Oklahoma calls the Great Plains home, but you’ll come to see we’re more great than plain. Higher quality of life leads to happier employees and research shows that happier employees have higher productivity in the workplace.


Putting Oklahoma’s Quality of Life in Context

  • We offer a wide variety of outdoor recreation – according to the Environmental Protection Agency, Oklahoma is one of only four states to have 10 or more “eco-regions,” or areas that have a distinct terrain.
  • Oklahoma has more than 300 museums covering a wide variety of subjects, from the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa to Oklahoma City’s National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.
  • Oklahoma is home to one of the nation’s best professional sports franchises – the Oklahoma City Thunder – according to ESPN The Magazine’s 2013 “Ultimate Standings” article.
  • Oklahoma boasts more than 11,600 miles of shoreline and more than 78,500 miles of rivers and streams.

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Putting Oklahoma’s Cost of Living in Context

  • The median sales price of a home in Oklahoma is $137,000 – among the lowest in the country. In Oklahoma, you can have your dream home for half of what it would cost in a coastal market.
  • In Oklahoma, gasoline costs 7 percent less than the national average.
  • Basic utility costs are below the national average in Oklahoma. For example, Oklahoma City’s utility costs are 20 percent lower than Dallas’. That means Oklahomans have more money for retirement nest eggs, paying off mortgages or taking vacations.
  • Rent in Oklahoma is about 25 percent cheaper than the national average.

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