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Oklahoma Department of Commerce - State of Success

The Noble Foundation calls Oklahoma home.

Why is that?

Agriculture & Bioscience

Cultivating the Future

Oklahoma has leveraged her long agricultural tradition and history of innovation with large investments in life sciences and agricultural research. This coupled with a skilled workforce, local capital and technical support has led to significant improvements in crop yields and agricultural management efficiencies. We’re cultivating the future and advancing tomorrow’s harvest.

Oklahoma’s public institutes are pioneering research in areas such as geophysics, agriculture, advanced materials, surfactants development, microscopy, drug-development and healthcare advances.

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Quick Facts

  • Oklahoma institutions attained more than 470 patents in 2012.
  • The Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation is a world leader in the research of lupus and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Oklahoma research institutions and organizations received more than $3.45 billion in private investments in 2012.
  • Oklahoma is home to several specialized and nationally renowned healthcare centers including the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center, Stephenson Cancer Center, Dean McGee Eye Institute and others.
  • In 2014, Oklahoma colleges and universities graduated more than 6,100 students with STEM degrees.
  • The University of Oklahoma Research Park is a 27-acre, 700,000-square-foot complex that supports biomedical technology.

Companies and Research Organizations are Cultivated in Oklahoma

  • Allergy Laboratories Inc.
  • Astellas Pharma Technologies
  • Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Koch Nitrogen Company
  • Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
  • Presbyterian Health Foundation
  • Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
  • Terra Nitrogen Company

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