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Oklahoma Department of Commerce - State of Success

Macy’s 2-million-sq-ft center is located in Owasso.

Why is that?

Transportation & Distribution

On the Move

Oklahoma is at the center of it all. With 3 inland ports, 140 public-use airports, 3,850 miles of rail and 12,000 miles of highway, Oklahoma is America’s hub. Oklahoma’s central location makes the state (and your business) an easily accessible profit center with streamlined connections to more than 88 million people within a 500-mile radius. Equidistant between New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Canada, Oklahoma is ideally positioned to serve all U.S., NAFTA and world markets.

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Quick Facts

  • Two international airports, 140 public-use airports in 128 cities and seven airports offering commercial services.
  • The University of Oklahoma’s Marketing & Supply Chain Management Program is ranked in the top 20 nationally.
  • Oklahoma is on the leading edge of transports switching to CNG/LNG.
  • Annually, more than 500 million pounds of all-cargo weight lands at Oklahoma’s international airports.
  • Oklahoma’s waterways can ship to and from 20 states as well as global markets with access to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The Tulsa Port of Catoosa is one of the largest and most inland ice-free ports in the nation.

Transportation and Distribution Companies

  • Melton Trucking Lines
  • FedEx
  • Miller Truck Lines, Inc.
  • YRC Freight Inc.
  • Freymiller
  • Con-Way Freight

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